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Impacting lives across the nations

Anointed Musicians is a staffing agency that provides music opportunities to talented musicians worldwide to perform in various events, thereby making them to be known to the outside world.


But…. We are not only into that,


Anointed musicians apart from being a staffing agency, also provides music lessons for kids and teens throughout communities for free. We are aimed at impacting the kids, teens and youth to open their minds to music and arts by providing music classes for day cares, youth programs, schools, boys and girls club, and also individuals.

Anointed Musicians Events

Anointed Musicians brings together musicians from various locations of the world by hosting events  that enables musicians to gather together to jam, network, learn and meet new friends in the music industry. We host seminars for musicians, singers, recording artist and entertainers that are ready to develop a career in music. We coach them on life challenges, motivate them on having goals and most of all, achieving them.

Making An Impact  

Teaching large classes of students requires musical instruments for students to have hands on, therefore we at Anointed Musicians donate instruments to kids, teens and youth programs, to help them have a better learning experience.

So…… What Should You Do?


To continue to impact and benefit the lives of kids, teens, youths and adults by providing jobs, donating instruments, providing music lessons to  kids, teens and youth, and also providing musicians for nonprofit events, we need your donations.

We believe in impacting the lives of the kids, teens and youth by opening their minds to art and music and therefore need your donations to provide more instruments that will facilitate learning.

What else is keeping you waiting? Help put a smile on the face of the kids and the youths by donating now.

Anointed Musicians goes the extra distance to make an impact in people’s life, by helping them get closer to achieving their dreams and also create wealth by doing something they love that will put a smile on someone else’s face. We are here to impact lives, that is why we also provide musicians to nonprofit events to assist them in the success of their event.

Our Daily Goal 

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