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Are you that music director, keyboardist, drummer, guitarist, organist, gospel artist, horn player, choir member, music band, christian entertainer or just a video and sound engineer who doesn’t know where he/she is heading in this world of music? Then it is your time to make it all change, it is your time to give it a shot and get that new start.

Door of Musical Opportunities

By becoming a registered and classified member of Anointed Musicians, we start to build yourself a career in music and start earning money while doing just what you love doing most. Anointed Musicians provides you with the opportunity to travel to various locations of the world and also perform at various musical events. We make a chance for you to play and sing your music whenever you wish, wherever you want. 
It not over yet… a member of Anointed Musicians, you gain access to health, dental, and life insurance and also receive investments and discounts on products and services from our partners.
What more is keeping you waiting, put that talent of yours into a potential use, make your sound peculiar; BECOME A MEMBER NOW.

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Now this is it, the first step into becoming professionally recognized as a musical personnel. For a well customized registration process, fill out the form provided below and get ready to start making a change.

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