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Anointed Musicians

Our first venture focused on helping churches find skilled and affordable musicians for their events. We knew there was a void waiting to be filled. On one hand, performers versed in the gospel music were looking for music opportunities, unsure if they’d make enough to pay their bills. On the other, church ministers were getting more and more stressed as they didn’t know where to look for said performers, while

deadlines for events were getting closer.

Our concept – connecting the two parties – was met with a warm reception. It took off and went far beyond our expectations. As it grew in outreach and impact, we knew we had something big brewing.

Today we keep providing musicians for churches that need them, while training and mentoring them to further improve their skills. Finding opportunities is far from easy; who knows how much talent goes unnoticed?

Now they have a dedicated platform where they can help deliver gospel to ease the mind and heal the heart. Together with ministers and attendants, all will soothe the wounds of life and bathe in solace.

The success of Anointed Musicians inspired us to break into other fields and reach helping hands to more people. To day the McCants Corporation counts six more institutions, which you can discover here.

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