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A Gift To Our Members

Have you fallen into the trap of neglecting to invest the time of the day in the most important person in your life – yourself?

Enjoy a perfect little package containing the set of items that will do wonders for your life when utilized correctly.

It’s easy actually – all you have to do is place the door hanger on outside of the door…

Then take 15 minutes for yourself to go into the dream land and write all of your goals, ideas, visions and to – do tasks in your journal.

Fill yourself with positivity and joyous energy while taking the list of goal card and studying the bible verse. Then write down 5 short term goals that you need/want to complete in the near future.

We advise you to make the habit of carrying your card with yourself everyday as it has proven to have almost miraculous affect on your follow – through and success rate. Once you’ve completed the task, mark it off as complete and take a picture of your completed cards.

We love to create a wave of positive energy filled with hope, joy and enthusiasm by showcasing your completed cards and sharing your progress with the fellow members.

Knowing that some of the goals are very hard to complete – we’ve enabled all of our Members to speak to our Music Mentors for guidance and advice on achieving their specific goals ANYTIME.

What are you waiting for? Start your journey today!

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