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Musician Careers and Skill Levels

Music enhances a worship service or musical event, over the past five years, Anointed Musicians have provided a platform for communities, concert organizers, churches and gospel musicians to connect and find music job opportunities globally. It’s our passion to cater to all Christian music needs when it comes to sourcing for a lead guitarist, gospel artist, keyboardist, pianist, praise and worship leader, minister of music, drummer, organist, etc. We’re glad that we’ve been able to achieve a milestone with this initiative, but more importantly helping Christian musicians by providing music jobs for them anywhere in the world.

What we are more excited about is the new project we are launching with a new level ranking system. This new level ranking system would help us to judge musicians on their level of skill and rank them based on their skill set. The new level ranking system is not to discriminate against any gospel artist, keyboardist, pianist, drummer, minister of music, etc. It is to motivate gospel musicians to strive for perfection in their art. In turn, we are offering to promote these Christian musicians to the world, cover their marketing needs, help them with all the great benefits that comes with getting music jobs and opportunities from us along their musical journey.

Irrespective of your career need, as a Christian musician, we are capable of providing you with all the resources needed for you to play your music with ease, create wealth and provide for your family while doing what you love doing. Also, we want to make sure the world recognizes you and show off your talents to as many people who will appreciate what you do and get paid well for it.

We will provide you with music jobs such as playing for church/worship services, concerts, revivals, studio recording, weddings and receptions, music festivals, funerals and a whole lot of musical events.

Despite the fact that, most times it is difficult to get music jobs, Anointed Musicians will make getting music jobs and opportunities be a thing of the past because we will connect you with those opportunities as they are made available.

Most event organizers come to us seeking Christian music professionals for hire in different fields, such as guitarist, praise and worship leader, drummer, organist, pianist, keyboardist, gospel musician, etc. and that’s where you come in. We will need you to sign up with us and provide us with details about you, your videos, pictures and other necessary information that would help know more about you and what you do, and then we can match you with prospective clients.

Sign up with us now and we would provide numerous music opportunities that comes to us, thereby putting you in a position where you would not only get regular playing music jobs but also superb benefits from a company that would help your music grow.

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